Thanksgiving Traditions

You guys!  Thanksgiving is just a hop, skip and jump around the corner!  It is crazy!  Today, as I sat in my hair stylists chair we were reminiscing about family holiday traditions.  Some old, some new…but always really special and fun.  After leaving that appointment I have found myself thinking a lot about the things I want to be sure that we do this year.  For me, one of my big traditions growing up was baking and cooking with my grandma.  Grandma isn’t able to do these things now but we have been blessed with so many special memories that we continue with our kids.  For us, one of those special things will be baking.  Everyone knows that this is the time of year for baking….the sweet and spicy smells of breads, cookies and such, wafting through the kitchen air!  Maybe some Christmas music going and a few candles to make the day even cozier.

I have already made my “round 1″ of baking supplies list to shop for tomorrow.  Take a quick inventory of the recipes you plan to use for your yummy creations.  Compare that to your pantry.  Jot down anything you will need to complete each recipe.  For me, I like to have the things you may often forget on hand too…things like cream of tartar, condensed milk, nutmeg, etc.  Having baking staples on hand can make it easy to bake whenever you have the inkling, whether it be for your home or just a sweet treat for that special friend of neighbor!  Most of all, enjoy the moment and the memories being made.  Bake with love!  That makes all the difference!

And as a special sweet treat, I leave you with one of my Grammy’s BEST recipes ever!


1 c flour ~ 1 c rolled oats~  3/4 c brown sugar~  1/2 tsp baking soda ~ 1/4 tsp salt ~ 3/4 c butter or margarine, melted

mix all of the above for “crust”.  Press half of the mixture in greased pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

On the warm “crust”, sprinkle on the following:  1 c chocolate chips~ 1/2 c chopped nuts

Then, 3/4 c caramel ice cream topping, mixed with 3 tbs flour…drizzle over chocolate chips and nuts

Spread the rest of the “crust” on top and bake another 10-12 minutes.  Allow to cool.


Until next time,


Holiday decor clutter made simple

Most of you may have already started your fall decorating.  For me, I like to start as early as possible because I just can’t get Fall here soon enough!  And some of you are probably going to be starting the decorating process soon in preparation for Halloween/Harvest and Thanksgiving.  With the holidays so quickly approaching, I wanted to share my favorite ways to store my holiday decor.

We like to keep plenty of theses on hand:


Plastic Storage Container Bin

Of course, you’ll want to match the bin color to the season!  So for example, our fall decor is in orange bins, our Christmas decor is in green & red bins, Easter is in a light purple bin, Independence Day is in a royal blue bin, etc…

Once you have your decor stored in the proper bin, go ahead and label it with your hand dandy label maker!

Next thing {this is where it gets juicy!}; when it is time to bring your bins inside to decorate, you will probably be removing some of your “everyday” decor to place a holiday decor item in its spot.  What I have found recently that is really working for me, is to take the “everyday” items that I am temporarily putting away, and I place them all in the holiday bin.  I know this sounds like the Kindergarten of organizing, but it actually is a rather new concept for me and it is working marvelously!  I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier! Instead of trying to shove items away in cabinets or closets while I have my holiday decorations out, I have a perfectly good place to store them. When it is time to take the decorations down, you will already know where your “everyday” items are. They will be dust free and damage free, and like me, you might even forget you had some of them and it will feel like a surprise!

So, to recap….when you bring in your holiday bins for decoration day, remember to use those same bins to store away your regular decor or household items.  It serves as a great place to keep all of your things protected and also out of the way.  And the best part, no clutter!

Happy holiday decorating!


Tackling tank top troubles

Do you have 5,391 tank tops like I do?  If so, I have a pretty legit solution that has been working for me all summer.  Yes, I know that it is no longer summer but, A) I wanted to get this post done before I forgot and, B) I still wear tank tops in the fall/winter as part of my layering…so it is still valid.

Before I unveil this clever little organization tool, my hubby is insistent that he gets full credit for the idea.  Truth is, he did come across this at Target and because apparently my “tank tops are a nightmare”! …he suggested forced this. So kudos to my hubs!  Here is the unveil:


Awesome, right?! A tie/belt hanger!  So yes, we use it untraditionally but it works fantastically.  I have about three of these in my closet and now, instead of hanging each tank top, only to slide off the hanger, we hang each tank by both straps off one hook.  They drape down beautifully and there are no worries of the ever so irritating slip off.

Easy peasy, lemon breezy!  Hope that is a quick little tidbit that gets your tank tops in order and keeps your closet in tip top shape.  Oh, and feel free to use this clever little hanger for its intended purpose too!

Until next time,


3 little items x 2 minutes per room = A super easy way to stay organized!

Is your house a mess and you’re frustrated because you have no idea where to begin?

Here’s a super easy solution:

Take a laundry basket, trash bag and the timer on your phone.


Choose a room to start with, set your timer to 2 minutes and GO!

Pick up items and put them where they belong in the room. If an item does not belong in that room, place it in the laundry basket and keep going.

Place trash in the bag and keep going until timer DINGS! If timer DINGS before you’re finished….STOP and move on.

Move on to the next room until all rooms have been visited.

At the end of your session, take all items in laundry basket and place the items where they belong.

Don’t forget to take the trash out.

This is a great technique to teach kids too!

If you have an item and it does not have a “home” in your home, either create a home or consider donating or tossing it.

Don’t dwell on one item too long. Remember, nothing is permanent. Create a temporary place for an item. You can always change it later.

Keep on keepin’ on and we hope you Enjoy Your Life Organized!


Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Jason, Meghan and James….

I’ve been to the Louvre and have seen the Mona Lisa in person. I fully appreciate the beauty and skill of great and talented artists.

Although nothing brings a tear to my eye as when I admire the scribbles, blobs of paint and writings with the backwards letter “K” on the artwork of my three precious ones.

Upon close inspection of the handwriting, seeking any clue and searching for WHICH one of my kids created this wonderful masterpiece I am horrified when I realize…..I have no idea!

With the intensity of a forensic scientist, I closely make handwriting comparisons with the other items that have their name’s on them. Ultimately, I am forced to just make a guess. Hoping, one day when they sit and admire the beautifully crafted book or box I’ve created for them I will never hear the words, “Hey Mom, why is my sister’s stuff in my book?”

Last week I was reminded of this very important tip by my friend and fellow organizer, Jilana Cole.

LABEL your kiddo’s artwork with their name and the date.



Heed this advice and save yourself many torturous hours when you finally get around to organizing those memories.

Enjoy Life Organized friends!


Why you are you and I am me.

{I have to forewarn, this post is not about organizing. But it is something that is on my heart and I think needs to be shared}

We have all heard that classic verse “Keepin up with the Jonses”.  It will probably be an iconic phrase that my kids and grand- kids will know as well.joneses

The problem with the Joneses, though, is they are fake.  Not real.  A dream.

Being a stay at home mama, I have come across many different relationships with other ladies in my same shoes- that are constantly striving to be a Jones.  And the thing is, they are a Smith or a Davis or a Johnson {you get the point}.  My life’s not yours and your life is not mine.  I have different kids than you, or a different set of circumstances than you, and likewise.  The thing is, we are to be who we are.  In the trenches of those poopy diapers, excessive crumbs, mounds of laundry or careers that beckon us, we should embrace that.  The here and now.  The life we have, because we truly have one shot at it.  If we are constantly working toward being like a “Jones”, we chance greatly, missing the big picture.

And guess what…It’s totally OK to not have it all together. Remember I rally around the saying, “Progress, Not Perfection”!

I can almost guarantee that when we are at the end of our call, we won’t be wishing we had a bigger wedding ring, a nicer car, or the best house.  We will be wanting to recall the memories made with family and friends.  The little moments in life that captivated our heart.  The good times.  The beautiful times.  Stress of having the best of the best or wishing “If I was just as clean as Mrs. Jones” “If I just had a ring like Mrs. Jones”, “I would be happy if my kids were perfect like the Jonses kids”….you see, the life you have is ALL YOURS.  Take the beauty and make it stunning, take the trials and find joy.  There are no perfect families, I promise.  So, the 1920′s can take their cartoon Jonses and take a hike.


Be you!  Love you!  Love your life!  One small step at a time.

Until next time,


Just Say “NO” to Multitasking!

If there was a show on HGTV….or some other network, where the contestants all participated in multitasking competitions, I would apply to be on it. I would possibly be a top competitor. I would possibly win.

Don’t believe me? Well I challenge you to “one-arm-holding-an-infant-the-other arm-shopping-and-making-doctor’s appointments-returning emails-and-corraling-my-other-kid’s-through-the-cereal-aisle” ANY day of the week.

Scared? Yeah you should be……..


For years I have proudly worn the badge as “The woman who can do it all….at the SAME time.”

If you’re a modern day mama you’ve likely displayed this badge yourself…..admit it.

It is by no accident that these recent  “studies” have caught my attention about the downfalls of multitasking. At first I ignored them. Then I turned up the volume a little to hear what bunk they were going to say….because after all I am a master multi tasker capable of getting SO much done in one day.

These “studies” were stating conclusions such as, “Multitasking makes you delusional.”

Multitasking kills brain cells…..WHAT??!!

Well these conclusions made me perk up and research for myself. Weeding through the scientific-cognitive-brainiac talk I realized……I really need to stop multitasking.

Then I realized there might be something to this. On the days where I’m doing several things at once are not my best days. I go to bed feeling tired and overwhelmed.

Searching for a solution to this madness I’ve discovered the oh so awesome Timer Technique.

What’s this you ask? Oh it’s amazing.

I choose a task….cleaning a room, organizing a closet, sorting paperwork, clothing or some other task.


I set my timer to any increment between 2-20 minutes. (WARNING….Do NOT go beyond 20 minutes. Just don’t. You’ll get distracted.)

Then GO! Place items in each pile and when then timer *DINGS* I stop.

Toss trash, bag up Sell/Donate, yes shred the Shred….(see you’re getting it) and put items in Keep pile where they belong.

That’s it.

This helps me stay focused on one task at a time.

If I have more time I begin a new task using the same technique.

The days I utilize this technique truly do help me feel accomplished during my day. Give it a try and take off that silly multitasking badge.

That’s it my friends!

Thank you for taking time to read One Organized Mama!



Why we all need to refresh

The truth is, I am the only lady in a home of FIVE boys!  Well, four sons and one hot hubby!  With that said, you can probably imagine that although I am a professional organizer, my home isn’t always in tip top organized shape.  You see, as a busy bee mama, life gets crazy.  I am consistently trying to balance out the roles I dearly adore {exhausting, as they may be} of mama to my babes ranging from 17 years to 4 years of age, wife to my sweet hubbers, housekeeper, laundromat, errand runner, banker, financial planner, chef, grocery shopper, couponer, nurse, and all that is between.  In the events of everyday life, things can get un-organized.  They do and they will and that is ok.


So how do we combat letting our hard work turn into the “junk drawer days”? Well, every now and then, it is time to refresh.  For example, I have probably re-organized my kitchen drawers several times since moving into our home.  When my boys do the chore of unloading the dishes, it is highly likely that they will put things anywhere but where they actually belong.  Not for lack of knowledge, but simply because they don’t share the same obsession passion for organizing as I do.  So, in learning to choose my battles, I take a few minutes here and there to refresh a drawer or cabinet and thank God that I have kids that are healthy and can empty the dishes.

Yesterday was a refresh day in my boys’ room.  The two little share on big room and although they do pretty well on keeping it picked up, there comes a time about once a month that it needs a mommy overhaul.  I went in yesterday and refreshed their drawers, their closet, toy basket and bookshelf.  It took only about 15 minutes and although they probably don’t care {or even notice} it feels good to me.  This is part of my joy, having a home that feels good to me.

I have really focused lately on not getting upset at my boys or the hubs for not exactly loving to organize {or keep organized} as I like to.  Simply because life is too short.  And truth be told, I like doing the organizing and the refreshing because it makes me feel like I have done well in my role as Queen Bee ;)

Life needs a refresh.  We need a refresh at times too.  And so do our homes.

Do you refresh your organized spaces?  What spaces do you find need to be touched up most?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

I am off to do some refreshing of cabinets in the laundry room!  Yay!

Until next time,


But first, let me take a selfie…

Today is all about YOU!!  You, our fabulous readers, our amazing clients, our sweet friends, and ALL who make One Organized Mama what it is!  Because the truth is, as any small business owner knows; we would be nothing without you!  Our most heartfelt THANK YOU to anyone who has supported us in the many ventures of our business.  We just keep getting busier and busier and are hearing testimonials from you all, sharing your kind words about the work we do.  Without you, we are nothing.


With that said, I want to take a moment and let you know that today is ALL about YOU!  And in such fashion, we want to see YOUR selfies!  Now, I know that we all may {or may not have} a few hundred selfies in our phone’s photo gallery, but this time we are wanting to see the selfies of YOUR organized spaces!  Whether it be a drawer, a closet, a car, a garage, a dresser, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, a basket {you get the point}, we want to see YOUR proud space{s}!  Likewise, we would also love to see your selfie pics of the spaces that you may want to add a little TLC to.  We ALL have those spaces and guess what…I do too! Don’t be afraid,  SHOW US THAT JUNK DRAWER!  Here’s a few of our selfies:

20130915-140302.jpg20130915-140515.jpg20140101-200244.jpg20140101-200429.jpg20140606-103923-38363775.jpgNice, right?! ;)  So, now it is YOUR turn!  Go on, and post your selfies on here in the comments or on our Facebook page.  We want to see them and thank you personally for being so supportive & totally rad to us here at One Organized Mama!  You guys are seriously the best!

Until next time,


Top ten reasons you NEED to come to MNO!

2014-04-03 21.06.21

Howdy there mamas!  Hope your Tuesday is totally awesome thus far!  I have some sick kiddos so that’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods.  So. Fun.  But really, when our kiddos are sick, it is sad :(

Lo and behold, even while tending to my little sickies,  I have come up with the top ten reasons you NEED to attend our Mama’s Night Out {MNO} event on October 3, 2014!  Get ready to log into Facebook after this and mark “going” on the event as soon as you’re done with this read.  Here goes:

1.  Our Binders.  Our exclusive OOM binders that have been created by us personally with YOU in mind.  They have been edited and refined to meet the needs of ANY household.

2.  Choices.  You will have the choice to customize your binder to the fullest.  I am talking about colors, covers, inserts, labels, info sheets, etc.  It will literally be the binder YOU want it to be; the binder of your dreams!

3. Guidance.  Our binders can be used very simply or a bit more in depth.  By attending our awesome workshop, you will get all of the instruction you need to be able to walk into your home and use your binder immediately.

4. Fun.  Imagine; you out with friends, laughing, talking, catching up…FUN!

5. Food.  There will be food.  Need I say more..?

6. You get to meet us!  The faces behind the blogs and the posts.  Meet us in person and pick our brains for any organizing tips you could ever want!

7.  Prize!  There will be a totally rad prize up for grabs for those who attend.  We will be raffling a $25 gift card to The Container Store.  Bring friends, get more entries, purchase a binder, get an entry, etc.  Check out the event details for all of the ways to enter!

8. No kids.  You get to attend an event with no kids.  Calgon, take me away!

9. Organize.  You will leave our event knowing the steps to take to move toward getting simplified and organized.  That is priceless!

10.  Last, but certainly not least, SMILE!  Our goal is to teach our friends how to create a home that will make them smile when they walk through the door.  We will have free information and a quick discussion on how to do this!

11. **bonus**  this is not a typical in-home party that is pushing to sign you up to sell anything!  Nope, not us!  We simply want to get together and talk about our passion for organization & how it can help you!

So, now that you are totally convinced that you NEED to attend our fabulous event, go on over to your Facebook and join the event!  We can’t wait to make organized memories with you on October 3rd!

Until next time,