Why we all need to refresh

The truth is, I am the only lady in a home of FIVE boys!  Well, four sons and one hot hubby!  With that said, you can probably imagine that although I am a professional organizer, my home isn’t always in tip top organized shape.  You see, as a busy bee mama, life gets crazy.  I am consistently trying to balance out the roles I dearly adore {exhausting, as they may be} of mama to my babes ranging from 17 years to 4 years of age, wife to my sweet hubbers, housekeeper, laundromat, errand runner, banker, financial planner, chef, grocery shopper, couponer, nurse, and all that is between.  In the events of everyday life, things can get un-organized.  They do and they will and that is ok.


So how do we combat letting our hard work turn into the “junk drawer days”? Well, every now and then, it is time to refresh.  For example, I have probably re-organized my kitchen drawers several times since moving into our home.  When my boys do the chore of unloading the dishes, it is highly likely that they will put things anywhere but where they actually belong.  Not for lack of knowledge, but simply because they don’t share the same obsession passion for organizing as I do.  So, in learning to choose my battles, I take a few minutes here and there to refresh a drawer or cabinet and thank God that I have kids that are healthy and can empty the dishes.

Yesterday was a refresh day in my boys’ room.  The two little share on big room and although they do pretty well on keeping it picked up, there comes a time about once a month that it needs a mommy overhaul.  I went in yesterday and refreshed their drawers, their closet, toy basket and bookshelf.  It took only about 15 minutes and although they probably don’t care {or even notice} it feels good to me.  This is part of my joy, having a home that feels good to me.

I have really focused lately on not getting upset at my boys or the hubs for not exactly loving to organize {or keep organized} as I like to.  Simply because life is too short.  And truth be told, I like doing the organizing and the refreshing because it makes me feel like I have done well in my role as Queen Bee ;)

Life needs a refresh.  We need a refresh at times too.  And so do our homes.

Do you refresh your organized spaces?  What spaces do you find need to be touched up most?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

I am off to do some refreshing of cabinets in the laundry room!  Yay!

Until next time,


But first, let me take a selfie…

Today is all about YOU!!  You, our fabulous readers, our amazing clients, our sweet friends, and ALL who make One Organized Mama what it is!  Because the truth is, as any small business owner knows; we would be nothing without you!  Our most heartfelt THANK YOU to anyone who has supported us in the many ventures of our business.  We just keep getting busier and busier and are hearing testimonials from you all, sharing your kind words about the work we do.  Without you, we are nothing.


With that said, I want to take a moment and let you know that today is ALL about YOU!  And in such fashion, we want to see YOUR selfies!  Now, I know that we all may {or may not have} a few hundred selfies in our phone’s photo gallery, but this time we are wanting to see the selfies of YOUR organized spaces!  Whether it be a drawer, a closet, a car, a garage, a dresser, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, a basket {you get the point}, we want to see YOUR proud space{s}!  Likewise, we would also love to see your selfie pics of the spaces that you may want to add a little TLC to.  We ALL have those spaces and guess what…I do too! Don’t be afraid,  SHOW US THAT JUNK DRAWER!  Here’s a few of our selfies:

20130915-140302.jpg20130915-140515.jpg20140101-200244.jpg20140101-200429.jpg20140606-103923-38363775.jpgNice, right?! ;)  So, now it is YOUR turn!  Go on, and post your selfies on here in the comments or on our Facebook page.  We want to see them and thank you personally for being so supportive & totally rad to us here at One Organized Mama!  You guys are seriously the best!

Until next time,


Top ten reasons you NEED to come to MNO!

2014-04-03 21.06.21

Howdy there mamas!  Hope your Tuesday is totally awesome thus far!  I have some sick kiddos so that’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods.  So. Fun.  But really, when our kiddos are sick, it is sad :(

Lo and behold, even while tending to my little sickies,  I have come up with the top ten reasons you NEED to attend our Mama’s Night Out {MNO} event on October 3, 2014!  Get ready to log into Facebook after this and mark “going” on the event as soon as you’re done with this read.  Here goes:

1.  Our Binders.  Our exclusive OOM binders that have been created by us personally with YOU in mind.  They have been edited and refined to meet the needs of ANY household.

2.  Choices.  You will have the choice to customize your binder to the fullest.  I am talking about colors, covers, inserts, labels, info sheets, etc.  It will literally be the binder YOU want it to be; the binder of your dreams!

3. Guidance.  Our binders can be used very simply or a bit more in depth.  By attending our awesome workshop, you will get all of the instruction you need to be able to walk into your home and use your binder immediately.

4. Fun.  Imagine; you out with friends, laughing, talking, catching up…FUN!

5. Food.  There will be food.  Need I say more..?

6. You get to meet us!  The faces behind the blogs and the posts.  Meet us in person and pick our brains for any organizing tips you could ever want!

7.  Prize!  There will be a totally rad prize up for grabs for those who attend.  We will be raffling a $25 gift card to The Container Store.  Bring friends, get more entries, purchase a binder, get an entry, etc.  Check out the event details for all of the ways to enter!

8. No kids.  You get to attend an event with no kids.  Calgon, take me away!

9. Organize.  You will leave our event knowing the steps to take to move toward getting simplified and organized.  That is priceless!

10.  Last, but certainly not least, SMILE!  Our goal is to teach our friends how to create a home that will make them smile when they walk through the door.  We will have free information and a quick discussion on how to do this!

11. **bonus**  this is not a typical in-home party that is pushing to sign you up to sell anything!  Nope, not us!  We simply want to get together and talk about our passion for organization & how it can help you!

So, now that you are totally convinced that you NEED to attend our fabulous event, go on over to your Facebook and join the event!  We can’t wait to make organized memories with you on October 3rd!

Until next time,


Go ahead! Get label crazy!

Good Thursday morning to you all!  One day closer to the weekend!  Woo-hoo!  What awesome plans do you and yours have going on this weekend?  If you don’t already have one of these:


or something like it, I would say that it should go on your “to-do” list for the weekend!  Let me just tell you the awesomeness that is contained in this little machine!  It goes beyond awesome and into the ‘crazy rad’ category!  I was given this labeler as a gift from a sweet friend!  And it has rocked my world.  I have literally gone CRAZY {my kids own words} with making labels.  I love this machine because it does super cute labels with choices of many different fonts, sizes, borders {like holiday borders and probably anything you could think of}, and all kinds of other features.  I have never had so much to choose from in a labeler and I still have a lot to learn and discover.

So, ever since this baby came into my life, things have been different.  I have began to label ALL things {almost}.  My kids have all of their folders for school labeled, they have their tabs in their binders labeled by subject, their comp notebooks {my HS junior refuses to let me label his stuff…but I will not cease}….I have made interior drawer labels for the little kids to know what goes in their drawers and keep the drawers organized.  This is another small way to get the kids involved in keeping things in their proper place.  It teaches responsibility and life skills that they will carry throughout their lives.

Labels have been put on all of my homemade cleaning solutions, and have replaced the scrap of tape and black marker that was used prior.  I feel super fancy having done this!  My coupon folder has real labels now, that will last foreva!  Oh, and my garage bins have now been labeled with bordered holiday labels to denote what is in each bin.  Are you seeing where I am going here?  I plan on doing so much more but let me just say…going label crazy is actually really good!  It takes your organization up a notch and makes everything uniform.  Don’t forget that everyone can now see exactly what is where and the constant “mom/honey where is…?” might even slow down a bit {one can hope}!

Check out Amazon for the best price you can find.  You might even find a sale at a local office supply store. AND, it’s right in time for season change, to label clothing that is being stored away until next summer!

I’m telling you, you’re gonna go label crazy too!  Try making it super fun by using a clear tape and putting some washi tape behind it for a fun and creative look.  You can even use a little scrapbook paper to make it oober cute and fun!  That’s what i love…when organizing and fun collide!

Have a great weekend! Show us your projects with your label makers! We can’t wait to see!

Until next time,


On your mark, get set…GO!

Hi there readers!  Hoping your Tuesday has been remarkable and that you are enjoying the first few days of September and the fact that we are on the cusp of fall!  You know what that means, right?!  PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!  Literally, everything.  It gets no better.  Seriously.  With the change of season drawing near, the kiddos back in school and schedules becoming a little more solid, it really is a great time to start considering using your spare time to get your home in order.  You know, while the kiddos are at school, you have more uninterrupted time to get the ball rolling and even have a great deal finished or even all completed before the holidays sneak up on us!

This is how you could start {it’s just one of many ways}:

1.  Pick a room in your home.  Let’s say you want to start with the kitchen.  After kids are dropped off at school, come home, turn on some inspiring, kick butt music and get ready to go!  You can start with the drawer that needs the least cleaning up/ organizing, and go from there.  My solid advice is to always empty the drawer {or cabinet, or closet, or whatever!} and then sort your stuff; keep, give, trash.  Once that is done, a quick wipe down will be great to be sure the space is extra spiffy. From there, organize your items back into the drawer, trash the trash and put that giveaway stuff in the donation box!

2014-05-01 10.38.39

Once that first drawer is done, move on to the next least invasive drawer or cabinet.  Keep going on like this until you finally have worked on each space in your kitchen {this may take a day or several days, be patient!}.  It is kind of like a “debt-snowball” but can be referred to as an “organizing-snowball”.  It is the fastest way to feel accomplished AND actually accomplish your goal!  


After the kitchen is done, pick your next room to tackle!  Second verse, same as the first {meaning, do the same thing as we just went over =)}

Before you know it, and I REALLY mean this, you will have a house that is organized, clean and it will make everyday life so much easier!  Knowing right where something is may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you are running a busy home and chasing kids, it is priceless.  TRUST ME!  

Keep envisioning your home in a fashion that makes you smile when you walk through the door.  What will it take to get there?  Will using your extra time to organize while kids are at school be a start?  I bet so!  Remember we are always here to help you or answer any questions! So……

On your mark….

Get set…..


Until next time.


Ring the school bell!


My oh my!  Tomorrow we will be ringing all of those school bells and welcoming our children back to the new season of school, and a new grade!  This is such an exciting time and this year is going to be great!  Take a deep breath, mama, you made it through the summer!  Now, let’s get through the first day and the school year together!

Tonight I just wanted to share some tips that you may have forgotten about.  These simple little tips can help you have a smooooth morning tomorrow {and for as long as you do it}. So, let’s get right to it….

First thing first, you and your kiddos need to lay out the clothes and shoes they have gotten for back to school.  If you have tried everything on, and it is good to go then take off all tags and stickers.  Let your little babe pick his/her outfit for tomorrow and have that laid out in a location where you will continue to do so.  This will include socks, shoes, undies and accessories for the outfit!  When said little babe wakes in the morning, s/he can get dressed right away and there will be no searching for that one matching sock or that one hair bow that just HAS to go with that shirt.  You can do this quick little trick every evening and it saves you at least five minutes in the morning, if not more.  

Next, be sure that their backpack is filled with all of their school supply goodies and is hanging in the designated “backpack” area.  Each evening your child can take a moment to go through the backpack and rid of any papers that are unnecessary to keep.  The remaining items should be filed in their binder or folder.  Every so often, do a dump of the backpack to rid of scraps of paper, gum wrappers, and pencil sharpening crumbs.  Having the backpack organized and hanging in the proper place will eliminate searching for homework and other ridiculous things that our babes can lose.  Again saving you time in the morning; at least five minutes!

Last, is lunch!  i am a total fan of making what I can the night before and having the lunchbox fully {or mostly} packed so I am not trying to do this chore in the morning before I have even had coffee.  It’s just wrong to do that to yourself, mama! ;)  But seriously, you can make that turkey sammie the evening before, pack that up with some pretzels, grapes, cheese stick and drink and it can be closed up, placed in the fridge and your little babe can grab it and run in the morning.  This again, can save you up to fifteen minutes!  

Get geared up for this new school year and enjoy it to the fullest!  These kiddos grow so fast!  Happy Back To School to you and yours!

Until next time,




Forgive the “lame-white-girl-trying-to-be-hip” title….I needed something catchy in the hopes that someone would read this post. It’s not the most exciting topic in the world, BUT it is the foundation for all organizing projects.
We’re talking  KEEP  TRASH  SHRED/SELL  DONATE zones.

This technique is the starting point for all organizing projects. All you have to do is find your project, set your timer using the Timer Technique, jot down KEEP, TRASH, DONATE and SELL/SHRED (depending on your project) and GO!!!

Pick up one item at a time and place it in one of the zones.

The trick is to make QUICK decisions. If you’re on the fence about an item then place it in the KEEP zone. Easy peasy!

When your timer, DINGS! then stop, throw away the TRASH, SHRED paperwork, place any DONATE or SELL items in a conspicuous spot you’ll see every single day. Yes, I want you to see those items so you’ll be reminded to SELL or take to a DONATION site immediately.

Now, for that KEEP zone. Well my friend, it’s now time to get honest with yourself because  it is time to find a place and purpose for every single item in that zone. If you’re still not willing to part with that D.E.C.A. sweatshirt circa 1994…..(any D.E.C.A. nerds out there??) well either put it with the other sweatshirts in your closet if you’re honestly going to wear it or create a memory box and stick it in there to remind you of the sweet memories of making it to nationals two years in a row….WHAT??….oh yes I did!

Check out 4 Steps To Organize Anything for more ideas on how to find a place and purpose for every item in your home.

Thank  you for reading One Organized Mama!




Rolling in the dough

Hi guys!  Man, it has been a minute since I wrote a blog.  Life has been CrAzY! Being a busy mama sometimes means that the days get away from you, and before you know it, a week or two have passed.  We are full of birthdays in the family the next few months, last trip of the summer is this week and then back to school and baby showers!  JUST BREATHE :)

Anyway, I wanted to share a quick post with you all on a little awesome org job I did the other day.  My little guy had a birthday and he got lots of play-doh goodies from our family.  He LOVES play-doh.  Might even be a tad obsessed.  Point is, we have way a lot of play-doh and play-doh tools and play-doh kits {are you play-doh’d out yet?}.  My inner clean freak has had to chill waaaay out to be cool with the daily playing of said doh.  I think though, being able to organize it has helped my head :)  So, as you see here, this is play-doh mess in it’s former state:

2014-08-11 10.22.07

Now, this is just some of it, but you totally get the jist.  There are also tons of kits {dentist kit, digger truck kit, Mickey Mouse kit, sweet shop kit, etc…} and my solution to keeping theses kits and all of their pieces and doh together was quite simple.  I absolutely love storage bins and right now Target has a five pack of these for only $5.99!  I have bought three packs and have been using them like crazy!

2014-08-11 10.21.05

So, now each kit has its very own bin and label!  Holler!  Seriously though, it is such a small project but has made a HUGE difference in our mess of play-doh.The little dude loves to pick his bin to play and it makes cleaning up & putting the correct parts back together a breeze!  We are all about the little things that make life easier and make our home a place that makes us smile!  We hope your home makes you smile too!

Do you have any kiddos that love play-doh?  Give this a little project a try!  It can be used for lego sets, art sets, marbles, collections of any kind!  As aways we would love to hear from you!  Have a fantastic Monday!

Until next time,

Color Coordinated Closets


Don’t roll your eyes….hear me out first.

Color coordinating your closet is great way to get organized for several reasons.

Above is a closet I organized for a client who travels frequently. She needed her closet organized in a fashion where she could pack and unpack with ease. She said she preferred to pack clothes by color which made it easier for her to coordinate outfits on the road.

You can do this with these simple tips:

-Group like items together...t-shirts, jeans, dresses, shorts etc…

-Do a quick purge as you go. Sadly, it is now time to part with those killer jeans that fit 4 years ago.

-Utilize shelves for folded clothes. You are more likely to keep them folded neatly instead of stuffed inside drawers.

-Try and use the same type of hangers for a consistent look. (No WIRE HAAANGERS!!! No really, they are so unsightly.)

Now it’s time to hang, fold and put away.

Benefits of this super awesome organized technique include:

-Save a little money. I like shopping as much as the next chick, but when you realize you have 8 black tank tops you’ll save the $16 to buy a new one because you can’t find any of yours.

-A total time saver as it truly does make it easier to put clothes away and find things.

-It just makes you smile….and we absolutely love when your house makes you smile!

Enjoy Life Organized!


Space & A Place for Homework

Hello readers!  Happy hump day to you this fine Wednesday! It has been a whirlwind week with lots of errands and kiddo stuff going on.  Life is good and today we have enjoyed some time shopping with the boys to get their new backpacks and lunch boxes.  This post has been inspired by my mind going mach speed and needing to figure out a solution to our homework anxieties.  So this is how we are winding up talking about school already!

You guys, I kid you not…school is starting in LESS than a month!  YIKES!  So much hustle and bustle going on.  Parents out with their kids trying on new clothes and picking up the goodies in the supplies aisles.  It really has been a fast {but fantastic} summer and we are going to enjoy the last couple of weeks we have of it!  With this being said, it is probably a great time to start thinking about how you would ideally like your kiddos set up in your home for homework time.  It might not seem that big of a deal, but trust me mama, doing a few easy things will make it seem like a day at the beach {almost}!

While all of the supplies for school are at killer prices, I would suggest picking up extras, other than what your kids need to bring to school. This will help you to prepare an all-star homework center.  You will want things like: pencils, pink erasers, glue sticks, pens, markers, crayons, scissors.  You will also want a caddy to carry all of these goodies in, like you see below:

hwbin hwbin2You can even get crafty and label all of the spots and cubbies for your kids to know exactly where to store everything.  Be sure to pick a caddy that is big enough to hold the essentials that you need but not too big to store in a nearby cabinet or corner.  Now, when the kids come home from school and after their snack, they can grab the homework caddy and get started on the homework so that they may have the rest of the evening to play!  No more searching for a pencil or a certain color of crayon; it’s all at their fingertips.  

Next thing to think about is where you want your kids to do their homework.  Most families don’t have a room solely designated for homework and most families actually use the kitchen table.  There is nothing wrong with that!  My kids like to do their work at the table and I like it because I can be around them for assistance.  It also gives me “mama vision” on them to be sure they are staying on task.  My kids have graduated to their own “homework” caddy, as it is very diverse in what a High School junior needs as to a sixth grader to a second grader.  And to be honest, they like having their own little goodies.  We like to turn on music really low and just get it all done so that we can play!  This has actually been the most successful plan for my boys.  Any quiet, calm and peaceful spot is perfect for homework time.  It can be an actual desk, it can be the kitchen counter or just the good ole kitchen table.  The key to success is keeping the supplies organized and accessible and having a place that your children KNOW is the homework spot.

Once homework is done, kids can place their folder and other things to take back to school the next day in their back pack, put away their caddy and move along!  Easy peasy, lemon breezy {as my 7 year old says!}.

Take advantage of the great sales and stock up your homework area. We even stock up on notebooks and loose leaf paper.  I also super love having an electronic pencil sharpener, but a little regular one is great too.  Make your list and take it with you to your fave back-to-school supply store while you get your kids’ stuff and have some fun choosing and organizing!

Now, doesn’t that sound like a day at the beach?!  

Until next time & happy organizing,