Moments That Matter Mondays: A Home That Makes You Smile!

If you find yourself dreading the walk in your door knowing you’re going to be greeted with piles of unopened mail, closets that you don’t dare open for fear of the contents inside, the apathy of spending money you shouldn’t because you can’t find stuff or making a fast food stop on the way home because you can’t even think about what’s for dinner….we are here to tell you, WE CAN HELP YOU FIND A BETTER WAY!!!

Organizing homes encompasses so many different areas of lives. We help you make decisions on what to keep/toss, how to help your kids stay on top of their school work, setting up your new home or preparing to sell your current one. Of course we’ll organize your garage, children’s playroom or any closet of your choice but there are so many other area’s where we can help you!

Instead of the above scenario, imagine walking in your door casually placing your keys in the pre-designated spot where they’ll stay until your next trip out the door. Plopping your unopened mail into the small bin and placing your purse or wallet in their usual spot. After being greeted by your favorite creatures, whether they be human, canine or feline you kick your feet up for a few moments before  jumping in the next few hours of your day. The smell of dinner wafts through the air from the bubbling crockpot and you close your eyes and smile because there is a plan in action. A plan you don’t have to put much thought into because with a little preparation your day flows pretty easily. You are enjoying your home and your life.

Now, to those of you who are thinking, “Oh BLAH!! I never want to be that predictable or boring!” Allow me to introduce you to….Me. A recovering chaos-aholic. Once upon a time I thought flying by the seat of my pants was awesome and exhilarating and exciting. I couldn’t imagine planning out my day and thought that by doing so was a form of neurosis. Boy, was I wrong.

I discovered the hard way how unbalanced I was and when I added some planning and preparation I was less anxious, accomplished more things in my day, saved money, lost a couple of pounds and could sit and spend time with my kids without the guilt of “just-hurry-through-this-book-as-fast-as-I-can-cause-I-still-have-to-[INSERT LAST MINUTE MUST-DO].”

So by teaching myself some tricks such as the Timer Technique, Daily Rotation, Household Binder and other systems brought balance to my life and gave me a home I now walk into and SMILE!

I hope your home makes you smile!

(If it doesn’t….contact us so we can help ya out!)

Thanks for reading One Organized Mama!



Get a move on!

Hey friends!  Welcome here this fine Thursday!  It has been a non-stop week, for sure.  For those of us who really like “busy,” weeks like these are great!  Thankfully though, the weekend is right around the corner and we can maybe take a minute to breathe.  Maybe.

Today I wanted to share with you from the heart.  Just a couple of weeks ago, my friend had a new baby.  She now has her little hands full with three kiddos, ages six, three, and newborn.  As you can imagine, it’s always non-stop for her; especially since it is summer break!  Anyway, the other night we were talking and she was sharing with me that she could not believe how LONG it took to get ready, packed up, and out the door for a simple quick trip to a store.  Beings that I have “been there, done that” I shared with her my little tips that I thought would help.  And today, I will share with you!  If you or someone you know has just had a baby, these easy little things make the big picture of an outing so much easier. 


First, in the evening, when all of your babes are asleep, think about the day you will be having ‘tomorrow.’  If you have places to go and people to see, you will want to think in advance about preparing as much as possible.  What that would look like for me is, I would start with the baby’s diaper bag.  Make certain you have enough diapers, wipes, rash cream, extra outfit, paci, snacks, drink cup, bottles, etc.  You know what items you baby will need on an outing, so go ahead and pack them up while you have a quiet moment.  Then you will want to lay out your baby’s outfit that you want them to wear.  EASY!

Next, think of the older kiddos and what they will be needing.  Lay out their outfit, including undies and shoes.  If they need snacks and drinks, pack a small backpack that they can carry and have that ready to take.  I would even stick the pack in the fridge with the drinks already poured so I could literally grab and go.  This is also a good time to pack school lunches for your school aged kiddos. Same thing; pack the lunch and stick it in the fridge so in the morning, it is grab and go.  Have backpacks for school packed with what they need for the following day {if it’s library day, have them place their books in their backpack, etc}.  After getting dressed and eating, your kiddos can grab their lunch and backpack and head out the door!  EASY!

I have this mirror/hook thing that my mom gave me a years ago.  It hangs in our laundry room and has five hooks.  This is our school command center for backpacks.  The kids hang their stuff here {coats in the winter, too} and it really avoids the “mom, where is my backpack..?” irritation and keeps things off the floor and organized. Underneath it is the shoe storage system. Do you have a hanging hook system?  They are super easy to find, even the peel and stick ones work great {check weight capacity to be sure you purchase the correct ones}!  EASY!


Basically, what I found as a BUSY mama, was the more I could do the night before, the smoother and less stressful my day out & about went.  Sounds really simple and obvious but unless you are doing it, you have no idea what a monumental help it is!  And the best thing, you can keep doing this even when the kiddos are older.  I don’t have any babies around anymore and we still practice these procedures, especially in school season!  Because, it is EASY!  

What are your best tips and tricks to stay organized with a new addition to the family?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

Until next time,


grocery groove




Hi guys!  Thanks for stopping by today to read and look around.  Today I am wanting to talk about grocery routines and such.  Grocery shopping is one of those dreaded tasks that us mamas have to do- so I am always finding a way to make it more “exciting” {if that is really possible} and more organized!  Follow along and get your grocery groove on!

Pictured above you will see a super cute grocery chart as well as a meal planning section.  I am a fan of lists broken down into sections like you would find in the store {fruits & veggies, dairy, meats, breads, pantry, frozen, household, etc}.  You can make your own quick list with the categories that best suit your household.  Usually I write mine out on a whim on a blank piece of paper.  It works. It may not be a ll colored and cute, but it works. 

My first point of business is to make my meal plan.  So, I come up with seven meals that are tried and true for my family.  An example would be this: Sunday, I will make a crockpot roast with veggies. In my head I think of all the ingredients I need to make this meal {chuck roast, potatoes, carrots, onion, seasonings, rolls}.  I will take inventory of what I already have in the pantry or fridge/freezer and then start my list from there.  I don’t have a roast or potatoes on hand, so that goes on my list.  Roast, under meats and potatoes under fruits & veggies.  After doing this through the entire week of meals, I then write out the things that are non meal related.  This is when I take note of things for the kids lunches, snacks, drinks, etc.  We are getting close to being done!  Yay, you!  

Last but not least…for all my couponing mamas out there, this is my little system when I have coupons for the items on my list.  It is really scientific and crazy so stay focused; I make a dot next to the item on the list that I have a coupon for.  I know, crazy.  I do many scientific things ;) but seriously, this works super good.  Then I always know what items I have a coupon for and I have easy access to the coupon at the purchase time.  

Wallah! You mama, are done and ready to go shop!  Oh, and remember when I said I try and make it “exciting,” well here is my secret….I always get a little teeny reward for doing this beastly task.  Perhaps it’s a little nail polish or lipgloss or even a little ice cream; but it certainly makes the job a little more fun and rewarding, amiright?! 

That is all for today!  Go make your lists and get your grocery groove on!  Share your tips and tricks with us too!

Until next time,


A proper place for the pet’s stuff

Hey friends!  How are you this fine day?  Hoping your Tuesday has been pretty swell and that you are looking forward to hump day tomorrow!  I just got back from the most spontaneous girls road trip and it was a blast!  It didn’t go exactly as planned but it was FULL of those really delicious-make your belly ache-kind of laughs.  Gotta love making memories like those :)

Tonight I was going through some of my kitchen drawers and cabinets trying to piece back together the items that were removed for some of our renovation.  While doing so, it occurred to me that I have never shared about a very important topic; our furry family members! Do you have an organized space for your pets belongings?  I’m talking everything from little treats to shampoo to brushes to toys to leashes {you get my drift}…It’s like having a child, these little critters have heaps of stuff!  Here is what we have decided to do for our two pups:

2014-07-15 20.34.22

We have this cabinet pantry and we also have a really big walk in pantry.  This one in the photo is primarily used for big dishes, seasonal dishes and other things that are non-food. There was so much spare space in here that I made the pups their very own pull out shelf.  I found these super cute bins at Target and was like “oh yes, you shall be mine,” so I bought them ;) They are easy access for the kids to get to for the pups care and keep everything contained in this one designated spot for all of their goods.  The only thing we can’t fit in this area are the the huge bags of food we buy, but rest assured, those are in a big tupperware doggie bin with a scoop…always organized; most of the time ;)  I strive for progress, not perfection!  

Although I haven’t seen these bins anymore at Target, I have to tell you guys that I come across the BEST deals and cutest pet stuff at HomeGoods.  Have you been there?  It’s one of my MOST fav spots to frequent for my home and my pet goodies.  If you’ve never been, I urge you to go immediately!  Then, post pics of your finds and tell us how you are creating a proper place for your pet’s stuff!

Can’t wait to see what you score!  Happy pet shopping!

Until next time,


Don’t even judge me…

Happy Thursday ya’ll! It’s been a busy, busy week in the C6 house.  We have been going at mach speed for days!  You know all the times I post things about our {outdated} kitchen?  Well, we have been working hard and steady on some of those projects.  However, in-between all of the madness I had to take a minute and fix something.

Something called the fridge.  OMG you guys, I can’t even tell you how fast our fridge goes from organized bliss to circus mess!  When you have kiddos home all day for the summer break, constantly scavenging for food, this will and does happen.  What I have come to learn is, no one cleans like mama cleans.  No one cares about organization and properness like mama does.  So, I cope.  Here is the picture of the madness {before}; I actually remembered to take a before photo! 



Don’t even judge me.

See, kids don’t care.  You must know that a few days prior to this circus, this fridge was super duper clean and stuff.  Seriously.  

So in the madness of refinishing cabinets, a moment of silence was taken to find some semblance of order in our most frequently used and beloved appliance.  It was a quick process of putting veggies and fruit in their drawer, cheeses and deli meats in their little home and just re-classifying the like items with one another.  I actually do a thorough clean out and wipe down of shelving every two weeks {get rid of yucky leftovers that obviously no one is going to partake}.  In between those major overhauls, I have to do a couple reorganizing stints to keep my mind kitchen in tip top shape.  


Perfect? no.  Better? yes!  And with that, I closed those doors and went back to the never-ending kitchen reno.  See, a quick five minutes and I felt like I really accomplished a task that needed attention.  Yay me!

How often do you do a major clean in your fridge? How often do you wipe down and clean out the drawers?  What about doing small little re-organization jobs?  What are you favorite tips and tricks?  We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,


My gramma told me….

Happy Thursday, friends! We are almost to Friday, and a special one at that! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July weekend. Make sure to take lots of pictures and make special memories!

Today I have done a lot of cleaning. A lot. It’s been a busy week and I feel as though my home was neglected and literally sobbing tears…or maybe it was crumbs; either way, I devoted some time to getting things clean and pristine. In between all of this joyous fun, my gramma called me. We gabbed for a while and when I was off the phone I was thinking of the many things she taught me growing up, about keeping a home. I think many of my OCD awesome cleaning philosophies came from her.  Now, I will say that being a youngin’, oh how I despised didn’t particularly love the  cleaning chores.  The worst was the dusting of the tchotchkes. My sweet gram has tchotchkes to the moon and back.  And that was always a special job for me to do.  Haha, oh the good ol’ days.

But, aside from the dusting, I was taught how to appropriately clean a bathroom {the entire toilet}, a kitchen{never, ever let the sun go down on dirty dishes}, clean all floors{so they don’t sound sticky when you walk}, make a bed with crisp sheets, and more.  With this, I was also taught  the amazingness of homemade, household products that could be turned into cleaners.  Things like white vinegar, lemon oil, baking soda, ammonia, cut lemons have been a long used staple for her.

When I first married and began making a home of my own, I was really lulled in by cleaning products that smelled delicious.  I even bought a Swiffer mop {not my most glorious decision} and I loved to try a plethora of different products.  I was like a hustler in the cleaning aisle at Target.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have cleaning products that I buy corporately, that do the job I need them to do {i.e: toilet bowl cleaner, windex, dusting spray} but after having ridiculous sounding floors {thanks to the swifter mop; it literally sounded like an octopus popping it’s tentacles off the floor when you walked} and having times that I needed something to scour with, but still being in my pajamas, all gross and stuff- not daring to run to the store, my mind brought me back to my gramma. The recipes she taught me, the tips and tricks. Many of these are now those super cool “homemade” posts ya’ll might be pinning on your board; and they actually do work wonderfully.

Vinegar can be used in nearly any type of cleaning solution you’re trying to make.  We currently use a recipe for our hardwood floors that has worked fabulously and leaves our floors looking stellar.  Baking soda is super rad too.  It is an amazing and cheap cleanser and scouring product; think Comet.  Cut lemons can take hard water buildup off of faucets and then can be put down the garbage disposal with ice cubes to clean your disposal system.  There are SO many uses for  these ingredients and I am coming back to basics, like my gramma told me; saving money, time and the environment :)  What’s not to love?!

What are your favorite homemade cleaning products?  Please, oh, please share with us!

Happy cleaning & until next time,



Laundry, laundry; oh how I loveth thou laundry

I may or may not look this joyous while washing dirty boy sweat clothing
I may or may not look this joyous while washing dirty boy sweat clothing.

Listen. Laundry is pretty much the bomb dot com. For reals. I am totally not being sarcastic either. Ok, I am. It is the monster that never, ever leaves my house and to be honest, it won’t be going anywhere. My piles will get smaller but laundry never goes away! Today I am hoping to give you some of my tried and true tips that have helped me manage and kinda sorta love not despise washing, drying, folding hanging; repeat.  I have been doing laundry for my family for nearly two decades!  Eighteen years has taught me what really works well and what doesn’t…Ready? Here goes….

First: I go back and forth with this ideal; but for the most part I try and do one load of laundry per day.  However, there are times that I revert back to the days of hanging with my Grammy and just knock it all out in one day.  My Grammy had a regular day, once per week, in which she did all of her household washing.  If I am having a really crazy week, I usually do all of my washing on one day.  Then the following day I wash all linens and change out bedding.  Most cleaning posts I read suggest that doing a load per day is best, but I say; figure out what is best for you, your schedule and your family.  Like me, it may fluctuate from week to week.

Second: I say go ahead and spend a tad extra for some laundry soap that you super duper love the smell of. I LOVE the Tide with April fresh Downy in it.  It is ahhhh-mazing! I promise that this will make laundry day(s) more appealing {hopefully}.  Promptly from the dryer, as you fold each piece of clothing, sniff it.  Call me crazy but I have done a survey and I am totally not the only one who does this!  If you’re not sniffing your clean clothes, you’re totally missing out!

Third: I am probably going to freak some of you out with this, but I promise it will all work for the good.  I really don’t sort clothes.  Yes, I am serious.  Go ahead and start breathing again.  I once read an article in a very intellectual magazine, and a cleaning expert said that”the sorting of laundry was really not necessary” {I gasped!}.  Now, be advised, I went ahead and tried this… and it was fine.  Just fine.  I have never had anything turn color {like, pink} or be ruined.  It had made my laundry life 1000% easier and I am all about that!  There a just a few “sorts” I make…towels and sheets.  Other than that, most everything else is fair game.  If this totally makes you cringe, but you feel curious, go ahead and try the Shout color catcher sheets. But, mamas, I am telling you that I have been doing this method for over 12 years and it really has never been a problem.  You’re welcome.

Fourth: Each load I fold gets put away right then.  I call for my sweet, angelic boys to come get their clothes and put them in their drawers.   This is encompasses another tip;  my youngest boys only have a dresser for all of their clothes.  They have a drawer for pajamas, a drawer for t-shirts, a drawer for shorts and pants and a drawer for undies and socks.  That’s it.  So for them, I rarely have to worry about hanging clothing up.  They may have some nice button ups that I do hang at the back of the closet but other than those, it all goes in their dresser. What is super rad is, they are all learning the responsibility of taking their clothes and getting them put away correctly. One day, their wives will thank me ;)  Try this method of putting each load away as it is folded and see if it helps minimize the daunting task.

Fifth: As I am folding clothes, I take a note of these things: is this item in season, is it in good condition, does it fit the person it belongs to?  If any of these answers aren’t leading toward being put back in drawers or hung up, I make a pile of things to donate, things to pack away for next season, and things to pack away to hand down to another child.  I don’t do this every time I have a load I am folding but I would say once a month, I make note of these things which help keep our closets and drawers from being cluttered.

Sixth: I do a washing machine cleanse every two weeks.  Whether you use just bleach {like my machine calls for} or one of the many washer cleansers on the market, I highly suggest using one of these methods.  This keeps your machine running smoother and also keeps that musty smell many of us know all too well at bay.

And, wallah!  That is all I have to say about laundry.  Easy, right?

Do you do any of these things?  Do you rebel against society like I do and NOT sort your clothes?!  We want to hear from you!  Comment here, or contact us anytime!

Until next time,



How we pack for a roll-out

You guys!  Raise your hand if you will be traveling this summer…{hand raised}.  We are being blessed with a trip and being sent to Legoland!!  Woot, woot!  All of the boys, and particularly one of them {who eats, sleeps & breathes Legos} will have the time of their life for a couple of days! 


So, basically, getting a family of six ready for a road trip can be a bit of a challenge. I mean, remembering every little thing you need to pack and doing that for six people can make a mama go a little crazy, amiright?! Here is the system I have come up with, and I tell you about it with caution, because it’s certainly not all fancy and stuff…but it works. For starters, each person age five and older gets their very own super cool,”big guy on campus” list to prepare for packing. It will look something like this…
2014-06-27 09.21.56

The list. A list like this is handed out to each boy and even the hubs. They take said list to their room and cross off each item as they get it from their drawer and set it on their bed. After everything is collected, they bring their goodies to mom. Mom {me} will be sitting on the floor surrounded by duffle bags. We currently are able to use five duffle bags to get everyone packed. I take a quick looksy at the crossed off items from their list and compare with the items they have brought to me, just to make sure the toothbrush is there, haha. Then, the goodies get packed in the bag, and it’s done. I do my own bag and the little guy’s bag and I am also responsible for the “mom” stuff. This would include things like sunscreen, chapstick, first aid kit, tylenol, benadryl, snackies for inside the park, etc. I also make sure I have a mesh laundry bag {say, lifesaver}. This helps me keep everything organized while in the hotel. Anything dirty, goes in that bag and upon homecoming, I am able to start up the laundry with ease.

laundry bags can also be found at the dollar store
laundry bags can also be found at the dollar store

I share all of this because I can literally have my fam of six packed and ready in an hour or less, using this system. And to me, that is amazing! #canigetawitness!
Oh, and last but not least, my kids love the little travel packs I make. Each kiddo gets a small bag, like a backpack, and it is filled with things that they can snack on during the road trip {think granola bars, grapes, pretzels, nuts} and things they can do to keep entertained {think books, magazines, travel games like tic tac toe, music, or printables for license plate games, etc} At each rest stop, we empty the car of all trash and then it’s back at it. Part of keeping sane while traveling is remaining organized and clutter free. As the mama, this is pretty much all on me! But it’s all good; after all, I am one organized mama!

Happy travels & until next time,


Don’t you wish you had a Pinterest linen closet…

Hey friends!  Glad you came by here today.  I have been busy trying to re-organize some spaces in the house.  I mean, with four boys running around, organizing once just doesn’t happen.  It is like laundry; something I keep having to do.  For some reason my kiddos don’t care much about mama’s obsession excitement with organization. They reiterate this fact daily, when they unload the dishwasher, clean up their rooms or use the bathroom to get ready for the day.  It just doesn’t matter to them!  And not to be excluded in their theory of “messy is best,” is the linen closet.  

We moved into our home about six months ago. My dream and vision was to have every single nook and cranny extremely and ridiculously organized.  To wake up and walk on clouds around the house because of said organization, with hair flowing and makeup perfectly in place {all inclusive of the pampering fairy, in my sleep}.  However, I quickly woke to realize that this was not going to be the case; thus a recent post about striving for progress, not perfection.  I am first a wife, and mommy; the house part comes after.  Upon moving into our home, I quickly realized that in order to make space for things, I was able to stuff lots of odds and ends in the linen closet.  This closet is super deep and large and it was the perfect stuffing spot!  EVERYTHING ended up in there, that no one could find a place for.  Sure, the blankets and sheets and towels housed themselves in there, but it was like digging through the masses to find anything you really needed.  One night, I had completely HAD it with this closet.  I was up for the challenge and IT WAS ON!  

Like I always start with in any project, I unloaded everything from the closet.  I made piles of the items I wanted to keep and the rest went to donation {or the trash}.  I decided what really need to be in the linen closet.  Like, did my kids really need to have old Lego boxes in there? No.  Did they need to have winter clothes that no longer fit in there? No.  So, like most people I decided that the linen closet would have…LINENS!  Linens & towels.  That is it.  I did my best {with the help of the kiddos} to fold up the towels nicely, to make sheet sets all encompassed and to have blankets folded and in their proper place.  I think it turned out pretty great, and the cool thing is, because I let the kids help a lot with this project, it has actually STAYED this way.  I think they took pride and ownership in the work it took to get it organized and easy access.  I am so proud of the end result!  And, though it definitely isn’t going to be that “perfect Pinterest” linen closet, I love it because it is in my home, and my little bubs helped with the transformation.
2014-06-24 12.25.48
top: blankets
second: master bedding
third: pillow cases in green basket, kids linens in the plastic zip pouch (empty space is for pool towels)
fourth: towels & hand towels
bottom: extra pillows, which are currently missing…gotta love kids! ;)

Have some fun in your linen closet today!

Until next time,

Crumbs & Clothes {and the deliciousness of new pencils}

Hey guys & welcome!  Hope your Friday has been fantastic and fun!  Today I am taking a quick minute to talk about what I have been doing the last couple of days.  Now, I need you to not be getting all jealous and stuff.  As you will see, this is some pretty incredible business we are talking about…and with that, I announce to you: CRUMBS & CLOTHES!  Are you so excited you can not handle it?  Yes.  That’s what I thought.  

So, here’s the deal.  School is out.  Kids are home.  And already, a couple of weeks into summer break, we are noticing that the days are slipping on by.  Like, how come I went to Hobby Lobby and already see the fall decor out?!  Days go fast; life goes fast.  And before we know it, it’s going to be that time; stalking the aisles of the store, picking up the endless school supplies on our list {and the stuff we don’t need because it’s just too cute to pass up} with the smell of yellow #2 pencils in the air.  I am a self admitted office supply junkie.  Maybe these things don’t excite you near as much! However, before that time draws near, it is time to do a quick eval & clean-out of last years backpack and clutter.



Soooooo, do your kiddos backpack look like this?  All three of my school aged kids had crazy, messy backpacks!  And, lo and behold, the crumbs of days past.  Who knows where these crumbs came from.  Who knows if they are toxic {haha} but all I know is, I can’t deal.  The backpacks were totally thrashed and well used in this school year {got our moneys worth}.  This being said, they won’t be getting reused- so for the most part, we did a quick look through and then a trash collect.  The look through was to keep and put away any projects, writings or papers that we wanted to keep.  The trash collect was to rid crumbs and the excess graded, smudged and torn papers.  After that, any school supplies that were salvageable were put away into our stock of supplies and the backpack was thrown into the donation pile.  DONE.  Now we are totally clean and clear to start from square one in August when those school supply aisles beckon us. {& I can’t wait!}

Next up were the CLOTHES!  My kiddos wore uniforms to their school, so we have almost two wardrobes going on here.  Their new school will not have uniforms, so it was really easy to go through the closet and make piles of what to keep & what to donate.  I would say most of the uniform clothes were given to donation {except the beige, black or navy shorts- they will still be worn}.  I actually will be donating them to the old school so families can take from there to get their kiddos ready for the new school year.  I super believe in paying it forward…


After that, I was like “well, I am already sweaty and in clothes up to my eyes, let’s do this,” and that is when I decided to go through the drawers.  Maybe you did this clean out in the spring, but I am noticing that lots of the jeans and even some tees are already too small for the boys.  Again, I went through and made piles of what to keep and what to donate and what to pass down to the younger kids.  This was a refreshing chore to have done, because in all of the hectic fun of summer, I feel as though their rooms are clean and uncluttered and the clothes are all up to date.  Pretty much, if I saw that black winter hoodie in the laundry again, I was going to LOSE IT!  Now I am confident that this will not occur, because only summer clothes are in the drawers now.  And if said black hoodie does indeed make its way into the laundry again…I will be convinced it is a conspiracy to drive this mama crazy. 

So, take a little bit of time and clear out the kiddos backpacks and clothes and you too will feel like a gazillion bucks!  Then, go swim.  And paint your toes.  And your nails.  Because, you, mama, deserve it!

Until next time,