Raise your hand if you’ve ever kept an item because you thought, “I know I can use that someday….” Yet someday never comes. That items gets shoved in a closet or in the garage to become faded, dusty, moldy and when pulled back out one day you say to yourself, “Where did THAT come from??”

GUILTY!  It’s hard to for many of us to throw away items that may have life left in them.

Here are a few simple rules to implement if this sounds like you:

  • Try the 1 week rule. If you haven’t found a new purpose for the item then OUT it goes.
  • While deciding where, how and what to repurpose the item for place it in a conspicuous spot. This way you’ll pass by it and be reminded that the clock is ticking and you need to decide if it’s going to stay or go.
  • In order for an item to be repurposed it must be functional, sturdy, clean, and have a place and purpose.
  • Donate, Donate, Donate! If you can’t use it someone else can.
  • Think outside the box. (So cliché, I know.) Here are a few items that I’ve repurposed in my own home.
What was once a lovely gift basket filled to the rim with goodies is now used to hold cookbooks on the kitchen counter.












This little red box fit index cards with recipes on them nicely. If it gets messy well….no love lost.











A spur of the moment decision to wash out and use this brightly colored can in my cabinet to hold random plastic utensils. (Please don’t hold on to cans for a week though……ewww.)















This large jar used to hold flour in my cabinet. The glass lid broke and I hated the thought of just tossing it in the garbage. It sat around for the full week until I realized I needed a place to hold my business receipts. I slapped a label on it and now when I empty my wallet those buggers have an immediate place they go!
















So there you have it. A few suggestions on repurposing items… crafty cats YOU!!!!

I would LOVE to see some of your repurposing projects.

Please share and ENJOY LIFE ORGANIZED!!!


O. M. Giveaway!










Goooooooood Tuesday morning guys!  Hey, are you ready for something so awesomely awesome that it will raise all levels of what you thought were awesome to even higher levels of awesome?!  You are?!  Well, let’s talk….

OOM is doing our FIRST giveaway!  And YOU have the chance to win one of our custom household binders.  We are so excited to do this we can hardly stand it!  We are 100% sold on these binders and find them to be one of our most useful and functioning organizational tools.  The ways you can use our household binders are endless.  For me, I store all of our bills, finance checklists and budget sheets in it.  I also have postage stamps, birthday cards, important receipts and other documents in it too.  I keep my kids’ shot records, fingerprint cards, school information, school calendars, school project summaries, etc.  Also, there are pages with babysitter notes, a password log for all of the many websites and online shopping forums we frequent  You may also choose to keep a family calendar in there for easy access to all family plans, or even a chore chart and household cleaning checklist.  Maybe your warranties on products or manuals that came with them.  Do you see how cool this is and how endless the options are?!  And don’t you now want one super duper bad?  That’s what I thought ;)

Here are the ways you can earn entries into the drawing.  Each listed “idea” will get you one entry in the drawing.  So, the more you do, the better your chances to win!  Whoever wins will be able to choose their binder color, a personalized, all color- cover sheet and all of the goodies the binder comes filled with! Here goes!-

1. “like” our Facebook page  {if you are already a liker, you already have an entry}.

2. start following us on instagram! {oneorganizedmama}.

3. share our page on your Facebook page & then tell us on our wall that you did so!

4. leave a comment on this blog post {include your name, please}.

5. become a reader/follower of our blog.

6. post a comment on our Facebook page of how YOU would use your household binder.

Is this not soooo easy?  We will be drawing and announcing the winner on Friday!  Good luck and we hope you have a terrific week!

Until next time,


Get the Handbag Flow

Hi guys!  Happy Thursday!  You know what I am going to say…do the “it’s almost the weekend happy dance!”  OK, now that we have that little party out of the way, let’s get down to business.  And today, we dare to enter THE HANDBAG ZONE {queue eery music}. No, but really, I have some cool tips today that will keep your stuff all in it’s place.


Most of us gals carry a handbag, aka: purse, clutch, pocketbook, etc…And most of us stuff tons and tons of stuff in there!  For a long time, I used to just deal with a purse cluttered with everything I threw in.  I knew thought I NEEDED it in there….I mean, we ALL need to make sure we always are prepared {with the kitchen sink}! But seriously, isn’t that the mama mindset?  I have now come up with a super easy system that keeps the things I really do need in my handbag, right where they need to be…and best of all, no more digging through receipts, gum wrappers, straw wrappers, scattered lipgloss and chapstick.  Below you will see the three main items I use to keep my system on the up & up:


Top black pouch is my wallet.  I only keep cash, coins, and important {often used} cards in here {license, insurance, debit card, AAA, Costco, etc.} I will also store gift cards in here so that if I am out and about and want access to them, I can be sure they are in my wallet.  I know what you’re thinking {where are all your other cards?!} and I am getting to that in a few ;)  The second pouch is the oh-so-necessary makeup pouch.  In here, you will only find lipgloss, chapstick and touch up powder.  Third little pouch is where ALL other cards go.  This is where I have all of our library cards, store loyalty cards, and important business cards.  As you know, almost every store you shop in has a card for points, loyalty rewards, etc.  So to be sure I have these when I randomly end up in one of these stores, they go in their own designated pouch and thus leave my wallet free and spacious for the things I need it for daily.  With all of these little items having their own spot to be in, my handbag stays extremely clutter and trash free.  A quick peek inside will show you that this system leaves room for other important supplies {face wipes, hand sanitizer and hairspray in mine}!



The last stop on this flow is the “weekly clean out.”  This is exactly what it sounds like.  Take one day a week {I do it twice a week} and go through your bag.  Trash the trash, put receipts that you know you need to keep in your household binder receipt pouch and call it good!  Something about grabbing my bag and knowing that it is clean and organized makes me breathe a little easier, even though i am on the GO, GO, GO with these crazy boys of mine!

Thanks for stopping by today!  As always, if you have questions or want to talk about getting your stuff organized, contact us!


Until next time,



Avoiding the Spring Break Blues

Hi there!  Happy Spring Break Tuesday! {well, it is Spring Break in our neck of the woods, anyway}  Hope you’re enjoying some fun in the sun with the kiddos! I have been contemplating what I should post about for this fabulous day and then it HIT me like a brick!  SPRING BREAK! Keeping the kids entertained {and the mama mind sane} can be a challenge at times during this week off, especially if you are having a “stay in town” break. Days might meld together, feeling like all you are doing is cleaning more clutter, doing more laundry and keeping things organized.  Avoiding the SBB {Spring Break Blues} is super easy and can actually guarantee MORE time for fun, play time and craziness!  Here’s some simple tips to keep you super chilled out:

  • When your precious kiddos wake up after a beautiful and glorious night of sleep, in which they allow you to sleep in, {stop laughing!} have them make their bed!  This will already eliminate clutter and give a good start to the day!Image
  • After breakfast and a quick clean-up, have them get dressed in their play clothes.  I like them to choose something that can be comfortable and can get messy but can also be worn to a store or anywhere else in times of surprise plans. 
  • HAVE TONS AND TONS OF FUN {this really is the most important task of Spring Break!}Image
  • Be sure that your Box O’ Snacks is full of yummy snacks when “that time” of day hits. This will eliminate the crazy mess trail that kids have a tendency to leave behind. 
  • One big thing that we have implemented is the stopwatch clean up.  You can do this once a day for 10 minutes, or longer, if your kids are older. We generally do this after dinner but before bed.  You may also choose to do this technique twice or three times per day with much shorter “stop & pick up” times.  When the family comes together for the same purpose, with one goal in mind, this can actually be fun!  Set a timer in the house that has a beeping indicator when time is up.  Quickly assign each person their area to pick up and GO!  You’ll be amazed how much will get done!  With all of the fun the kids have had throughout the day, surely, 10 minutes {or so} won’t be too awful.  You may also want to offer a little prize {piece of gum, a dollar, a few chocolate chips, etc} for those who go above and beyond!

    Bottom line, do the little things that take moments so you can enjoy all the BIG moments that matter! For more info on these Spring Break organization tips, e-mail us at! We would love to hear from you! Tata, for now…I am on my way out to play!

    Until next time,


Moments That Matter Mondays: Deal With It

This is the post you don’t want to read. This is the one where I tell you to stop avoiding whatever you’ve been avoiding and deal with it.

Truth be told…I have always struggled with certain areas of my life (paperwork, those boxes in the garage and the not-so-fun items on my to-do list for example).

Last Thursday that stuff had been piling up from my business, home/family duties and overall life.

After the kiddos made their way to school and the little one to the sitter, I dedicated an entire morning of dealing with my own stuff. Let me tell ya it was painful.

It is far easier to help other people deal with their stuff than it is to deal with my own.

As I trudged through that to-do list I found myself desperately wanting to seek a distraction. I forced my way through and tackled that list of items I had been putting on the back burner week after week. I made it through….eventually.

Whether your “it” is piled up paperwork, a house project, closets, garage, losing weight, finishing a scrapbook or a plethora of “its’ here are a few tips to help you out a bit:

  1. Prioritize- I once heard the phrase, “When everything is a priority, then you have no priorities.”  (Google says Simon Fulleringer is responsible for that quote.) So choose wisely. Three is an easy number to start with. Once you’ve accomplished those three items then you can add more. (Personally, I like six. That’s just me though. Choose a number smaller than ten is all I’m saying.)
  2. Use the Timer Method- Not sure what that is? It’s simple. Use the timer function on your phone and set it to a desired amount of time. Be realistic and try not to go too long. The longer you go the more likely you are to get distracted. When that timer “dings!” move on to something else.
  3. Avoid distractions-When things are really piling up it is time for you to say goodbye momentarily to your phone, Facebook, pinning, tv even the family and get to work! A little music in the background can help add a little pep to your step while tackling that project or list!
  4. STOP adding to it!!! – For goodness sake if your closets are a mess then STOP shopping!! If you haven’t scrapped in some type of book for eleven years do NOT go to the craft store to buy more stuff. Lastly, and most importantly if not enough time is your “it” then learn to say, “NO”.
  5. Just do it.- There’s not much more to say about that. We’re all adults. Being an adult means you have to deal with the “not-fun-stuff”. Waaa. Just do it.


Enjoy Life Organized My Friends!


Toy Rotation

Anyone out there cringing at the thought of their children’s bedrooms or play room?

Kids get easily overwhelmed with too many choices and clutter. Ever watch your child dig through a toy box looking for one specific toy? They are bent over as toys fly all over the room. Do they ever pick them back up? Not usually without some resistance, right?

For this reason I generally avoid toy boxes.

Here’s an easy solution to overall toy storage and controlling that clutter: A toy rotation!

All it takes is getting some bins, baskets, boxes or any kind of cool container you both like and divvy up the toys. Trains with train parts, dolls with babies, outdoor toys make a happy little family, balls of all types can go together and….well you get the picture.

toy rotation
Keep original containers if they’re sturdy and provide good storage. Otherwise fun and colorful baskets like this can be found just about anywhere. (Shocker! I bought these at Target.)

Once toys are divvied up, place some in your kiddos play space and hide the others far-far away.

Every once in a while rotate the “old” with the “new”.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Helps control the clutter
  • Keeps kids stay interested in toys longer
  • Keeps those little pieces together with the toys they belong to
  • When kids outgrow certain toys it makes donating them a snap!
big toys
Don’t forget to add the big toys to the rotation.

Hope this helps you out there with little ones!

Millisa and I LOVE hearing back from you all on your own organizing challenges and solutions! Keep the messages coming!

Thank you for reading and ENJOY LIFE ORGANIZED!





Snack Attack!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! We are one day closer to the weekend, so let’s do a happy dance! ;)

Today I am going to talk about my other “super, oh-so-easy, are you kidding me with this coolness” organization of the kiddos tool! Last post, I showed you the Box ‘O Memories and today you are going to learn of the Box ‘O Snacks! You will only need a few things to make your own!

1. A snack box (I use a sturdy fabric covered one with a lid. Medium Size)
2. A box of zipping plastic “snack” size bags.
3. Your kids’ snacks (crackers, pretzels, fruit, cheese cubes)

With my babes all being boys, guess what that means..? DIRTY HANDS! And with a germ-o-phobe mama like me, it really doesn’t go over too well when they stick said dirty hands inside a brand new box or bag of snacks {I am already gagging}. So, to alleviate this madness, we have recently created the snack box in our pantry and fridge. Here’s how it works: I buy a large box of zipping plastic snack bags.
2014-04-10 11.19.24
After I do my grocery shopping, I take 20 minutes and sit down with all of the snacks & my baggies. We usually have things like goldfish crackers, pretzels, little graham crackers, yogurt puffs, grapes, strawberries, cheese chunks, etc. I take handfuls of the goodies and put them in the bags until the box is empty. The bags of food get thrown in the Box ‘O Snacks and I move on to the fruit. Take a minute to rinse the fruit really well and then make the same little bags of grapes pulled off the stems and strawberries cut and sliced. Cube some cheese and bag it up too! The box goes in the pantry, and the fruit obviously stays in the fridge! I can not tell you how awesome this has been! No more wondering if the snacks are laced in dirty hand germs. No more missing full boxes of crackers or pretzels because a kiddo takes the whole thing to his room. Basically, NO MORE GROSS!! yay!

Another benefit, this makes lunch packing SUPER quick and easy and the kids can really be involved with packing their lunches. This quiets the argument of “Mom, he got more pretzels than I did!” And it also clears lots of cupboard/pantry space that the boxes take up. I was racking my brain on how to organize the bags in order in the bin but with four boys digging through it, I am just letting it be. They actually like to “treasure hunt” for their snack after school…so, I will leave good enough alone! Are you ready to make your own snack bin?!
2014-04-10 11.20.42

Thank you soooooooo much for reading and I truly hope this weeks tips have helped or inspired you! As always, you can contact us anytime for organizing advice!

Until next time,


Box ‘O Memories

Oh hey guys! Happy Tuesday!  Today I am going to be sharing with you the easiest organizing idea in ALL of EVER!  {well, at least to me it is}  I like to call this little thing the “Box ‘O Memories.”  That’s a really sophisticated awesome name, and you know it! Ready for this? …..Let’s do it!

So, as I talked about in my previous post, you all know that I have the honor of being a mama to FOUR boys!  As you can imagine, this means that we have many, many, many, many {did i say many?!} projects, special writings, artwork, crafts and other goodies that come home from school & church classes.  For a long while, these oh-so-cute items adorn the refrigerator doors and then eventually it is time for them to share the stage with other projects that want their time in the spotlight!  So, what to do with the “old” projects?  We want to preserve them but our old method of keeping them in a folder proved itself to not be oh-so-perfect once there was too much stuff to stuff in there.  My solution..? I have purchased storage bins in four different colors. The boy’s names have been labeled on the bins {ex: G’s memory box} and anytime we have something that we want to keep, but not necessarily displayed, goes in their box.  On the back of each project, or paper, I write the date and the child’s name.  This is important so we can remember the age of our precious babe when they wrote the story about “Mom and Her Green Face Mask” or other musings. {True story}


Eventually, my babes will grow up and move away.  When the day comes that they purchase their own home and have a family, these memory boxes can be passed along to them. It will provide hours of fun looking through and reminiscing {and their kids can make fun of how old they are and how “old school” they used to be}.   


Have fun with your memory bins.  You can decorate them to be super cute and fun.  You can even let your kiddos decorate them and add their personal touch! After all, these are their memories being stored in there! These boxes serve as a quick organizing tool that keeps your keepsakes preserved, organized and safe!


Until next time,


Moments That Matter Mondays: Why I Make My Bed

Moments That Matter Mondays: Why I Make My Bed

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that one of the first habits to begin on your organizing journey is making your bed.

I talked about it in The “Make Your Bed” Theory.

Once I decided to live a more organized life, this is one of the first habits I implemented in my daily routine. Here’s why:

  • Once it’s made your less likely to crawl back in that comfy oasis.
  • It’s easy to do!
  • It sets a good example for your children.
  • Unlike couch cushions, the kitchen sink or other areas of your home, once it’s made it tends to stay made.
  • It makes your bedroom look clean(er).
  • If you encounter rough waters in the rest of your day you’ve accomplished at least ONE thing for that day. Give yourself a pat on the back!
  • Having that neat and tidy bed gives your bedroom a retreat feel…which YOU deserve.
  • At the end of your day there’s just something about peeling back those cool clean sheets and crawling in.

If you don’t already, begin making your bed every morning for two weeks. After two weeks you’ll find that it begins to automatically become part of your routine.

Enjoy Life Organized!


Homework Center

The “Witching Hour” that time of day when everyone is home from school, work and activities. Dinner is bubbling and brewing on the stove, shrieks and cries in the distance as siblings battle over the Wii remote and my head begins to spin in exorcism like momentum as I yell, “Did you finish your homework yet?!?!?!?!”

“No.” Peeps a young one from afar and giggle from the younger sibling as he realizes he has won the Wii remote battle by default.

Sound vaguely familiar to anyone?

Let me introduce you to a little homework help.

The Homework Center. A quiet and organized space where children will sit up straight, concentrate with fervor, spending hours of uninterrupted time studying eventually skipping home, report card in hand, exclaiming “All A’s again Mommy!!”

Or it can be a relatively organized space with all the tools your kiddos need to get their homework done in a successful manner.

Investing a little time in creating this space will save you time and a few headaches down the road.

First, find a space that is designated for homework. If space is limited consider placing supplies in a basket or bin to keep organized and kids can put away after homework is done.

Make sure there is plenty of light.

Next get some containers that you can fill with necessary items such as pencils, pens, scissors, glue, crayons and markers. I bought these at Ikea and Target for around $1-$2 a piece.

Use fun and colorful containers.

Here’s a tip. Get a basket, bin or I found this tray (Ikea) to keep all the little containers contained. The most important idea for this space is “everything has its place.”

Let the kids pick out what they like!
Yep, they all fit!
Don’t forget plenty of notebook paper, graph paper or construction paper.


It seems obvious to some….”the pencils in the pencil container…duh!” Here is why I like to label:

  • It keeps things in their space. Saving YOU from a huge headache.
  • Helps kids feel confident they have all the tools they need at hand to help them succeed.
  • You’ll know when to buy more glue when the glue container is empty. Saving you the hassle of running to the drugstore at 8 p.m. the night before a project is due.
I found these in the scrapbook aisle at Target. I wrote on the labels with a white colored pencil. Then they easily clip on the containers.


homework desk
Add a few extras such as a pencil sharpener, stapler, tape dispenser, and a doodle or notebook.

Now your kids are ready for S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

Side note~~ Since I created this space my daughter truly does enjoy sitting here as I nag her about her homework.

Side Side note~~WARNING do not combine homework center with your craft center. Otherwise you’ll be having to scrape purple colored glitter from the margins of completed homework as “someone” thought it would be a great idea to do that. (True story.)

Enjoy Life Organized Friends!